What do we offer?

Here you can learn more about each service we provide, and select which one fits you. After you selected the service, feel free to contact us for further details.

Implementation and use of public funding tools in accordance with a global financing strategy of the company. The public funding support is provided by a team that accumulates decades of experience in the application, management, and justification of grants in the both nationally and in the European framework.

Development of private investment processes and corporate operations, as well as research for alternative and bank financing. Private investment processes have always to be based on a deep understanding of the differential value of the company, paying special attention to the scientific-technological aspects as a key decision factor. Adastra has a network of global alliances for the generation of transactions with investment banks and leading firms in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Definition support on business and financial strategy, leading the development of strategic plans based on the identification of internal and external challenges of companies, establishing a financing mix that supports the necessary resources and stablishing new models of management and growth within the company.

Support in solving the challenges of companies with an intensive generation of technology and based on a scientific-technological impact value, providing a technical vision with high expertise in the application of technology and its development in the market.

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